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Oh hey there! 

Doozie Bella was created as a way to express my personal creativity, while simultaneously supporting badass independent creators worldwide by sharing their products with you. My goal is for this to not just be a passion project, but to build a business that is so more than just a transactional experience. The products you see that I personally created are not only a labor of love on my end, but I also go further with finding manufacturers that make certain the quality is awesome, and they are made ethically. 

You'll see from some of the products I made, I pledge to give to various charities to support their causes. While most articles I've read advise small start up businesses against such things, the business is a reflection of me - and even if i'm struggling, I feel it's important to always help others anyway possible.  As the business grows, so will the amount of outreach I plan on having to support researched charities that truly make a difference. Down the line i'll even have a place where various people from all walks of life and experiences can write about things that matter to them to share with you. I believe that opening yourself up to experiences you've never had and being empathetic is one of the things that is severely lacking today and is desperately needed to create positive change as a society. 

So as you can see, Doozie Bella is not just a business where you can buy cool shit (I mean yeah, there's a lot of cool shit okay), it's about building a community, supporting those around us, and knowing we can't all make it unless we support one another.

If you're curious about me, I'm suuuuper into: TV shows (Mr. Robot & Halt and Catch Fire currently own me), my kids (aka my plants), cursing (a lot), Thai iced tea, avocados, music (I wouldn't have survived without it tbh), independent media, stationery (it's a problem), amazing cinematography, water (drinking, bathing, swimming, and listening to it - seriously, everything about it is a yes for me), driving through big cities at night with a soundtrack of synth goodness, drama free relationships, misty forests, and learning to not give a damn what other people think about me.  

If you've stuck around this long, you should probably know that we're friends, and you're a badass.

Thank you for your support in helping make this little dream a possibility, and I look forward to what's to come!

Strap in dude, this is only the beginning.