What methods of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards, PayPal & Apple Pay (cool, cool, cool)


Ahhh!!!! Trust me, I'm super stoked for you to get your package darlin'!!

Here's the 411 on processing times: (do kids even say that anymore???? #imoldaf)

Orders are processed in the order they came in as soon as possible. As i'm a one woman operation that handles customer service, designing, quality control, packing, shipping, etc, etc, please allow up to 5 business days (aka not counting weekends, & holidays) to receive a shipping confirmation.

Should there be a delay for any reason I'll post it on the website & on instagram (let's be friends there, yeah? @dooziebella)

Please remember that processing times are in addition to shipping times, so processing times + shipping times = when you'll get your order. 

Sound good? 😊

Okay cool, so how will my order be shipped & where is it shipped from?

All orders are shipped from just outside of Seattle, WA and sent via USPS as they provide the cheapest shipping options. As Doozie Bella expands, I'll always be on the lookout to offer more options, keeping you in mind first and foremost. 

All packages will receive a tracking number (yay!). Once your order is set to ship, you'll receive your tracking number so you can start stalking your mailbox! Please allow up to 48 hrs for the tracking info to generate on the USPS website.

Please be aware that USPS does not guarantee specific delivery dates, so even if your tracking number says a specific delivery date, things can happen like bad weather that can delay delivery. If you have questions regarding your package after a significant delay, your local post office will be the best place to get information on delivery.

Once your order is in the hands of USPS I cannot be responsible for delays, misdeliveries, or lost / stolen packages. 

Sometimes USPS does not scan at every hub so it can look like your package is just chillin' in one spot for a few days. Unfortunately this happens quite a lot, but 99% of the time when the package gets closer to you, you'll see some movement in the tracking number. If you're worried something might have gone wackadoo,  please contact me and we'll take it from there together, cool?


Shipping cost is determined by weight, package dimension & zone (aka how far it'll travel from my place to yours)

All lightweight packages will be sent First Class (oooh, sounds fancy). 

All packages that do not classify as lightweight must be shipped Priority Mail. 

If there are no delays with the USPS, allow up to 7 business days to receive your package.


Shipping cost is determined by weight, package dimension & destination.

All packages under 4 lbs are shipped via USPS First Class International. 

Packages over 4 lbs are shipped USPS Priority. 

Your order can arrive within 2-4 weeks depending on what country you live in, and if there are delays due to customs.

Please note that not every country opts to use the USPS's delivery tracking program. International tracking will stop updating at the end of U.S. border unless you live in one of the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Spain, and Switzerland. You can read more about that here

Any fees your country might charge such as taxes, customs, duties etc will be the customer's responsibility and will vary greatly depending on your location. If you have questions about those possible fees, please check with your local government's customs website. 

Once your package arrives in your country, customs may delay delivery further due to your country's import policy and procedures. Should this happen, please contact your local carrier or government agency if tracking shows a delay after arriving to your country, as they will have the most accurate information on your package.

Makes sense. Okay, so what if I receive something damaged, or am missing something? :(

So sorry babe! I try my best to ensure everything is packed properly to make it to you in mint condition, but shipping can be rough sometimes. If it was a mistake on my part (aka I missed something) or you received damaged items, please shoot me an email with some photos within 3 days of receiving the items, & i'll take care of you :) 

What if my order shows delivered, but I haven't received it? :/

Ugh sorry dollface, I hate when that happens! Don't worry though, sometimes USPS will scan packages as delivered before they drop them off that day or even up to a few days after. They also have been known to leave packages with a neighbor, apartment complex offices, or even hold them for you to pick up. If for some reason this happens, please contact your local post office to get the 411 as they can speak to the carrier and find out the status of your delivery. If after you speak to them and they are unable to resolve it, please contact me and I'll take it from there, okay? :)

Do you have a return + exchange policy?

At this time since my operation is so tiny I cannot accept returns or exchanges unless the items were damaged in transit. I try my best to take clear photos, and add measurements to the descriptions so you can get a clear idea of what the items are. Should you have questions before purchasing anything, you can always contact me and i'll be happy to address any of your concerns ;)

Yo, I'm interested in your products for Wholesale! Is there something we can set up?

Ahhh that's so awesome to hear! Yes, I absolutely do offer wholesale on select items! Should you want to find out more about it, please click here and fill out the form so we can get in touch! 

Any tips for keeping pins & patches secure?

Of course! If you're new to iron on patches, I made a little sheet just for you! Click here for application tips! Generally, to secure iron on patches more permanently (especially when you're washing the item repeatedly) you'll want to sew it for the ultimate security.

For pins, make sure that you attach it securely and to a place that it won't get snagged easily. This is super important so you don't lose your investment! If you're concerned of possible pin loss, you can buy a huge bag of locking pin backs that will work for your entire collection on Amazon for pretty cheap.

Last question, (and it's obviously super important): Mulder or Scully? 

DUDE don't do this to me, I thought we were friends???!!!

Okay, let's see...

My first reaction is to scream SCULLY because HELLOOOOO Gillian Anderson (ultimate babe alert and all around A+ human. Sidebar: Everyone go watch The Fall - Gillian's character Stella Gibson is e v e r y t h i n g). As a kid watching TXF when it first aired, I looked up to Scully as I never saw a female character like her. She for sure spoke to the rational side of me, wanting proof of things, super smart, did her own thing, was a scientist and medical doctor (as if you didn't know based on the 234983459823 times she said it... but then again if spent all that time and money on my doctorate, i'd tell anyone who'd listen too haha) and was a badass.

Mulder also appeals to my interest in all things extraterrestrial, conspiracy theories, the possibilities that lie beyond what we can see, criminal psychology, and of course, his love for Scully. So I can't possibly choose one without the other my friend!